Facebook prepares to push Oculus VR headsets for businesses


When Facebook pitches its Oculus virtual reality headsets to the masses, it talks of their ability to make you feel as though you’re inside a game, visiting another planet or scuba diving next to massive blue whales, without ever leaving your couch. Its next act might be to take that other-worldliness to your work. Via a job posting, Oculus VR is looking for a software expert to work in its Seattle, Washington offices to help build special versions of its $199 Oculus Go and $399 Oculus Quest mobile VR headsets…

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Best Black Friday 2018 deals on Apple products: $250 iPad, free iPhone XR, $250 HomePod

Looking to buy some Apple gear this year? Same old story: premium prices, infrequent sales, minuscule discounts. Ah, but Black Friday is just around the corner. Even Apple products go on sale that day, right? Perhaps: Apple just announced its Four-Day Savings Event, which kicks off on Friday, Nov. 23. We don’t know yet whether that will bring actual discounts or just Apple’s usual (cough, lame, cough) gift-card bonuses. But here’s what we do know: There are deals to be had elsewhere on a variety of Apple items. Below I’ve…

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Samsung’s leaked Odyssey+ headset: A reboot for Microsoft’s VR ambitions?


I thought the original $499 Samsung Odyssey might be the Windows VR headset to beat — but VR in general hasn’t been an immediately huge success, and we’ve barely heard a peep out of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality since we discovered the first round of headsets were kind of a mixed bag to begin with. Mostly, we’ve seen price cuts. But as Variety and Road to VR discovered earlier today, Samsung doesn’t seem to have given up on the idea just yet. Thanks to a filing at the FCC, we now know…

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Wear OS: What’s new and what’s coming soon

  At this year’s Google I/O, Google’s smartwatches aren’t invisible like Daydream VR, but they’re definitely laying low. One domed demo space has a number of Wear OS watches running the latest software feature, Tiles, which I had a chance to finally use. But that’s not what things were like last year. A year ago, Google seemed to have big plans for Wear OS. Software updates brought a new, improved interface. New Qualcomm processors promised better performance and sports modes. A wave of new watches started to appear.  There have…

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Skagen Falster 2 WearOS smartwatch adds all the fitness


The great smartwatch showdown is underway, and one of the most stylish Google WearOS smartwatches is getting a big set of fitness updates. The Skagen Falster 2, arriving Sept. 12 — possibly the same day as Apple’s next Watch unveiling — does look more promising than the good-looking but bare-bones first-generation Falster watch from earlier this year. The Falster 2 has a complete set of fitness functions: GPS, heart rate tracking, an altimeter and Google Pay for NFC payments, in case you’re out somewhere without your phone or wallet. The…

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Vuzix Blade test-drive: The return of the CES smart glasses


The Vuzix Blade was promised back at CES 2018: The Alexa-connected smart glasses, which I demoed then, were like an updated Google Glass that promised a larger screen and assistant modes. The Vuzix Blade is now the first product I’ve gotten a chance to test in 2019. So far, what I’ve realized is that smart glasses are really here. Whether or not they’re useful is another story. First of all, these $999 glasses aren’t really designed for you at all. Vuzix says the glasses are aimed at businesses, or those with…

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Apple Watch Edition is gone, but Nike+ has a shiny new band for nighttime runners


Apple Watch Edition is no more. The tech giant on Wednesday announced Apple Watch Series 4 at its event in Cupertino, California, though it didn’t mention anything about the special edition models. Yes, the expensive ceramic watch is gone. However, Nike+ is still here and it now has a new band that’s designed to help you stand out during nighttime. The Nike Sport Loop band is made with reflective thread that shimmers when light strikes it. For example, you’re running along the pavement after sun down, a car coming behind…

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Fitbit Charge 3 has arrived: Here’s what’s different vs. Versa


Sliding into an October already full of watches and wearables, the Fitbit Charge 3 — which hits stores today, starting at $149 (£130, AU$230) — promises to be the company’s best general fitness tracker. And yet: Fitbit already has a watch, the Fitbit Versa, that does a lot of the same things (and a bit more) for just $50 more. Confused? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. I’ve only been wearing the Charge 3 for a couple of days, and a full review is coming. But here’s what I can tell…

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Black Friday 2018 smartwatch and fitness tracker deals: $80 off Apple Watch, $200 Samsung Gear S3 now live

2018 may finally be the year you trade in your analog watch for something a little smarter. Over the last few years, wearable devices from companies like Apple, Fitbit and Garmin have become helpful tools that keep you connected while kicking your butt into shape. And with Black Friday deals like these, buying a smartwatch or fitness tracker is more tempting than ever.   But before you start looking for deals, it’s important to figure out what you need in a wearable or you may end up spending more on…

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