Co-op to let shoppers skip checkouts and pay for groceries on their phone instead

SHOPPERS at the Co-op could soon pay for groceries using their mobile phones. The supermarket chain has launched a trial which would mean the end of checkout tills. Co-op’s customers across Britain could be ditching the tills altogether if the mobile scheme is successful If successful, the scheme is set to be rolled out across the country this summer. Customers at a Manchester store can use an app to scan products. When they have finished what they owe is deducted from their account. Co-op spokesman Matthew Speight said: “It is…

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Funeral providers charging £2,400 MORE for same service just 2.2 miles apart

FAMILIES could be paying thousands of pounds over the odds for their loved ones’ funerals as it’s been revealed that providers charge up to 121 per cent more than a rival firm just 10 minutes down the road.  An investigation by The Sun has uncovered that you could pay £2,421 more for similar funeral services from providers just a 2.2 miles apart. Funeral providers are ripping-off grieving families by as much as £2,421 For example, if you live in Leeds, you’d pay £4,429 for a funeral with W Kaye &…

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Cotton On recalls Michael Jackson clothing in-store and online

The unisex jacket above reportedly sold out before the documentary even aired, with fans eagerly waiting for the brand to restock. Source:

  No longer mad for MJ. The fallout from controversial documentary Leaving Neverland continues, after Wade Robson and James Safechuck claimed they were sexually abused by pop star Michael Jackson. In light of the four-hour doco, fans have seen Jackson’s music banned from radio and an episode in which he has a cameo on The Simpsons pulled off-air. Now, Aussie retailer Cotton On has removed clothing items from its collection bearing Jackson’s face and name.   Michael Jackson tees (like the one above) are no longer available nationwide. Source: CottonOn.comSource:Supplied…

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What is Asos’ share price, what happened to the fashion retailer’s sales and when was it founded?

BRITISH online retailer Asos’ shares have collapsed this morning, making the companies sales plummet to alarming numbers. Here’s what to know about the company’s current situation in the run-up to Christmas… Shares have closed at £26.14, making it fall by  37.5% when the market opened What is Asos’ share price? The company’s shares have dropped by almost 40 per cent in the run up to Christmas. Shares have closed at £26.14, making it fall by  37.5% when the market opened. The significant drop took off a whopping £1.3bn off its…

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When was RBS bailed out, what stake does the government own and why are they selling their shares?

THE government has said it plans to sell a 7.7 per cent stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland, equivalent of 925million shares. The sale is expected to raise £2.6billion. Here’s the details. The government is selling part of its stake in RBS When was RBS bailed out? The bank fell into difficulties during the financial crisis in November 2008 and was bailed out by the government to the tune of £45billion to prevent it from collapsing. The sale, based on the bank’s current value would mean a loss for…

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McDonald’s worker slams ‘unbearable’ working conditions after kitchen temperature hit 37C

A McDonald’s employee has slammed the fast-food chain for “unbearable” working conditions after temperatures in its kitchen hit 37C. The employee, who has worked for McDonald’s for five years in the East Midlands, was doing an eight-hour shift on Sunday 18 June – one of the hottest days of the year. The worker slammed the fast-food chain for the “unbearable” working conditions in the restaurant The worker claims that some staff members were so hot that they became unwell [stock image] Outside the restaurant temperatures hit 30C but inside the…

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Search for winning $1 million lottery ticket

Lotto winner for Mosman Daily.

If you bought a lotto ticket in Sydney last month you could be a millionaire and not even know. NSW Lotteries says the hunt is still on for the mystery winner of the Saturday Lotto draw who won more than $1 million. The entry’s contact details weren’t added to the database because it was not registered to a card of the Players Club, so the lottery group has no way of contacting the winner with the life-changing news. “Our winner could be completely unaware they are now over $1 million…

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Opal tower certifier previously disciplined by building watchdog

Furious Opal tower residents want answers. Picture: AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

A director of the company that oversaw the certification of Sydney’s crumbling Opal Tower had been disciplined by the building watchdog before, it has emerged. Judgment records show McKenzie Group director Mark Cogo was slapped with two fines, a remprimand and three cautions by the Building Professionals Board between 2004 and 2009. He was handed a $11,000 fine after he was found guilty of “unsatisfactory professional conduct” on January 16, 2009. The McKenzie Group oversaw the independent certification of the Opal tower in Sydney’s Olympic Park. Picture: Toby ZernaSource:News Corp…

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Australia slammed by global publications

From China to Britain, everyone had questions about how democracy works in Australia. Picture: AAP Image/Lukas Coch

SIX prime ministers in less than a decade. We can’t exactly blame the world for being bewildered, can we? From China to the United States, everyone around the globe seems to be confused by how democracy works in Australia. In 2015, the BBC dubbed Canberra “the coup capital of the democratic world” after Malcolm Turnbull stole the top job from Tony Abbott. Two years and 343 days later, Mr Turnbull was in turn being rolled — outwardly by Peter Dutton, with Mr Abbott in the background, and ultimately Scott Morrison,…

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